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October 14, 2004


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He is so darn cute!!!!! I just want to grab and hug him.

Those are SOME feet on him.

What's on the list for names?


That is the cutest puppy I've seen in a LONG time - since Bandit was a baby, actually (hee hee.) Really, cute dog. Glad to see he's getting along well with the rest of the family. I'm terrible at thinking up pet names., or I'd offer a idead.

Joyce Leonard

That puppy is so adorable!! We have shetland sheepdogs..they are also adorable as puppies..little balls of fur and energy. Capture the heart and soul.
They all love the harp...and sit by it when I play as the vibrations from the harp are very soothing to them. Congrats....Joyce

Marilyn Horton

He is soooooo cute! Almost makes me want a puppy again! He looks like he'll be very large?? I know a very good trainer but he's a long drive (towards Athens). Can the puppy come to our next SnB meeting? Please?? Enjoy.


I've been thinking about the pup all day and I've come up with a suggestion for a name....he looks like a Lancelot.

Okay, I just had to put my two cents in.

Hugs to the new pup and the other pups too.



oh my goodness! What a handsome pup! What fun for you and for the other doggies. He's a beauty. BTW, my Della is also playing with a fox tail on my blog :-)

Michele R

Janice--just saw your post on SNB. Thanks for sharing these pix. He is a beauty! What fun to have a puppy in the house. So happy for your and Robert. I'll look forward to learning the name you come up with soon.

Sophie Simpson

Your puppy is soooooo cute. I think you should call it Ozzy.


yeah i need help pickin and name so if after you come up with a name after you pick him e mail me!

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