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June 08, 2005


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I keep reading about Typepad eating bloggers' posts. Knock wood - it hasn't happened to me yet. I love the Jasper pics. I was supposed to take P. to a dock diving group this weekend but it's being rescheduled to a day I'm busy. :( Someday we'll have to get J&P together to play.


Sign me up for the cabana boys and Jamaica! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished blanket. It's very pretty, from what I can see. And, how cute are your dogs? Thanks for sharing the pictures. :-)


Love the photos. They remind me of swimming laps with my border collie. It went like this: swim to the end of the pool, pet Fred. Swim to the other end of the pool, pet Fred. He ran back and forth and worried the whole time anyone was in the pool. He once nipped at DH to keep him away from the water. I have joined the Lace along.


Love the swimming pictures.

Glory, our lab mix likes to go in the creek. Sunny, the little whatever, has a fit and zooms around in a panic while Glory is in the water.

It's funny to watch and great exercise for Sunny.

Kathie Gotfredson

I love your border on the pinwheel baby blanket....could you tell me what you did...I'd love to put that border on mine! Thanks.

Kathie Gotfredson

I love the edge on your pinwheel baby blanket...could you please share the instructions for doing it...I'd love to put it on my blanket that I'm working on now. Thanks!!!

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