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May 04, 2007


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Ah, shucks, ma'am.

I envy your practical experience with change-ringing. I've never done it, not even with handbells; always wanted to try it.

I don't know how far back you've looked in the archives of my change-ringing ramblings - you do realize, don't you? that this whole crazy thing was triggered in the first place by my desire to design a sock based on The Nine Tailors. (Sock is slated for late fall.)

Somewhere out in the blogosphere I encountered a woman who had seen change-ringing patterns needlepointed on kneelers in a little church in Cardiff. There is no new thing under the sun - but how cool!


That looks fun but intense. I would be interested to find what it sounds like.

thanks for sharing.


Janice, you crack me up!!! Of COURSE I have an action figure of Jar-Jar Binks. (Doesn't everyone?)



Oh, wow. My mind is boggled!

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