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November 19, 2008


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I love that area of Georgia. We were there a couple of weekends ago with friends. We might have to try that sometime with the boys and take Bella along too. How much fun would that be!

Great pictures and the one of Jasper in the trunk is priceless. I had to wipe off my 'puter screen. Heh.


It looks like SO much fun. I'm a wee bit jealous.


It look like a wonderful place. I"m glad you didn't fall out of the canoe!


Wow.. what a beautiful area! My inlaws have a canoe that we take to Florida with us every year.. my son loves it. Hubby and son want to go camping, and this might just be the way to get me to come along too-- a cabin with internet & a hot tub.. lol.


Looks like a really neat trip. Love the photos, especially the hover-dog :)

Restless Knitter

Those pictures are great! It looks so nice and relaxing. We did a weekend near Helen at a dog friendly cabin once. Our dog, the springer spaniel was confused that there wasn't any grass nearby, then thought it would be awesome to mark her territory. IN the cabin. Ugh. I felt so bad. At least the floors weren't carpeted.


Sounds like a great retreat from the big city. Love all the dog photos!


Looks like you had a grand old time. When we were selling our house several years ago, we scheduled some time in a north-woods cabin while our realtor had the open house. Only trip was in northern minnesota in march...no canoeing then. :-) I love being able to watch the stars outside of civilization, with my husband and dogs.

Did Jasper pack himself in the trunk?

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